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Podcast 8 - Addison Bross - What Would Jesus Do?

AddisonRestoration Dialogues

"Jesus took sides. He was very political. Jesus is aware that when the poor hear the good news, some people don't like that. Some people find that very upsetting, and go hostile against somebody that is preaching good news to the poor. This vision sees Jesus as the opponent of empire.

Podcast 7 - Scott Brown - Active Peace

Podcast 6 - Amina Knowlan - The Wisdom of Groups

Restoration Dialogues

"We don't need conflict. We need to be able to relate to each other with our differences - in our differences. Groups actually need their full, different intelligences.”

Amina talks to Scott and John about the collective intelligence of groups and the restorative potential inherent in the group field.

Podcast 5 - Stephen Bross - Sacred Activism

 Restoration Dialogues

"The truth that we work for is really for connection - for love - for healing, and that goal actually supersedes all political and economic agendas.”

Podcast 4 - Tom Daly - Cultivating the Inner King

Restoration Dialogues

When we're talking about the king, we're talking about that sense of knowing who you are, and appreciating who you are at a really really deep level, and that's personal sovereignty.”

Podcast 3 - Jessica Cooley - Re-story Your Life

Restoration Dialogues

"Narrative critiques the idea of inherent anything."

Jessica talks to Scott and John about her fascinating research in Rwanda and her work doing narrative therapy and conflict resolution.

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Podcast 2 - Leslie Maya Charles - Life as Art

Restoration Dialogues

"Until all parents know that their kids have a future, we won't have peace."

Leslie talks to Scott and John about being raised by a single mom, working with addicted teenage girls, running a restorative justice program, making art, and ending war.

Podcast 1 - The Restorative Journey

Erie CemeteryRestoration Dialogues

Podcast 1

In the first podcast in this series, Scott & John discuss how their paths led to restorative practices work and entertain the notion of ending all war forever.

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Restoration Dialogues

Welcome to Restoration Dialogues, where ideas and the felt experience of being human come together to support personal and collective healing - the restoration of ourselves and our society; with your hosts John Ehrhart and Scott Brown.

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Sustainable Living Fair - Workshop

Scott will be leading a workshop on Restorative Activism and Personal Sustainability at the 12th Annual Sustainable Living Fair at Legacy Park in Fort Collins, CO on Sunday, September 18th.

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