Nature as a Contributing Factor to Wholeness (patience)

“I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.”
-- John Muir

Parenting and being parented in the sandwich years

    I am the Open Path partner with the oldest child which means I've made the most mistakes.
   It also means that I am wading into the uncharted territory of parenting (is it that?) an adult offspring. I can not refer to my daughter as an adult child. What is that? A contradiction in terms?
  At the same time my husband and I venture into another phase of parent-off spring relations, we both have surviving parents in our lives. We are in the sandwich years.

Leslie's Blog

What Makes Restorative Relationship Unique

  1. We utilize principles and practices which create the safety and respect necessary to look deeply at the full range of negative impacts associated with the dysfunction in the relationship. We work in the present moment, from present experience, leaving old patterns of blame and justification behind.
  2. We employ mindfulness practices as a way to support staying in the present moment, and getting out of habitual thought patterns.

About Restorative Relationship

Open Path's Restorative Relationship is a unique and powerful process designed to promote healthy communication, understanding, and trust. It works because it interrupts patterns of dysfunction (blame, resentment, lack of responsibility, etc.), and requires that each party look at the harm they are causing and take responsibility for it. This may seem like a tall order, and it often is, but our process makes it possible.

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