The integral quadrants represent an intention to be aware of and pay attention to the interior and exterior, subjective and objective as well as the individual and collective components of the reality we are presented with. The perspectives of the individual, the relationships, the community, objective scientific inquiry, and cultural and organic systems, and their inter-relational significance, are all taken into account.

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Child Centered Divorce

Restorative Divorce

7 - The 3 Tenets (relationship)

The three tenets of the Zen Peacemaker Order, founded by Roshi Bernie Glassman, are: not knowing, bearing witness, and loving action. To say that parents are peacemakers by occupation is to speak an inherent profound truth regarding our role and our work. Indeed, to be committed to any relationship is to be engaged in a peacemaking mission that requires the highest level of consciousness available to us at any given time. Our peacemaking activities, within the home, extend to all of the relationships, between all of the family members, all of the time.

7 - Punish (Relationship)

Koan Practice

5 - Equanimity (adulthood)

6 - Lecture (Restorative)

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