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A Restorative Bibliography

I put together a Restorative Practices Bibliography that can be downloaded here. I hope you find these resources as transformative as I have.

Four Foundations for Restorative Activism

 Scott Brown
September 8, 2010

The following is an edited excerpt from Four Foundations for Activism in the Face of Collapse, an unpublished Master’s paper. That paper can be downloaded in full (25 pages) as a PDF here.

1. Truth Telling

The Karate Kid and Restorative Parenting

I took my 6 year-old son to see the new Karate Kid the other day. He really liked it which was good enough for me, but the most memorable part of the movie for me was a scene in which the 12 year-old main character, Dre, demonstrates restorative action in response to his despair over losing his best friend to a cultural faux pas. The movie is set in China, and Dre, a Detroit native, goes to his Chinese girl friend's violin audition for the Beijing Music Academy (very honorable). In response to her performance, he cheers and claps.

Attachment and Emotional Constancy

Attachment is the foundation upon which the seven aspects are built. It represents the mechanics of relationship. We are attracted to those we are attached to and we are happy to be of service to those we are attached to. That's why when my wife asks me to do something for her, I immediately stop what I am doing and give that thing my full attention. Well, not always, but if she has done a good job reinforcing the attachment components of our relationship by staying connected with me at a heart level, then my positive responses to her requests become automatic, and visa versa.

What is Restorative Activism?

The essence of Restorative Activism is relationship. And prioritizing relationship puts us on the spot like nothing else.
            Do what you must with people,



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