Rock Concerts and Tot Lots

The following series of blogs are written in an effort to discover the voice that wants to emerge from my personal trials as a father and as a student of relationships, conflict and consciousness.  I intend to employ a humorous perspective and although I may delve into philosophical territory, I will temper it with references to the ludicrous and the laughable.

How to Survive Disasters Beyond your Control

Suffering arises from attachment to desires.
Desire for peace, good health, happiness
seems so reasonable but is desire nonetheless.

Empowered Adult Perspective

An empowered adult perspective is a state of consciousness distinguished by characteristics grounded in responsibility, and attained through the fundamental principles of restorative practice. We lecture our children on how they must learn to take responsibility and we are sometimes baffled by their inability and often downright refusal to do so. Yet how often do we contemplate our own capacity to take responsibility for harms we cause in our daily life?

Restorative Activism Workshop

What is it?
A one or two-day workshop focused on practical skills that lay a foundation for personal and societal restoration and resilience. We live in a historical moment that contains crisis and opportunity in equal measure. Restorative activism helps us take full advantage of the opportunity to create a more peaceful, just, and environmentally sane world.

Restorative Truth Telling

Honesty and truth telling represent a fundamental standard of moral and right living in our society. It made it into the 10 commandments, and although it is seen as a virtue it is not valued much as a useful practical tool in business and politics, mainly because it gets in the way of progress. This is grounded in the wishful attitude that the ends justify the means. I would argue however that if the ends require deception for their realization, then maybe the ends themselves would benefit from reexamination.

Restorative Activism Learning Community

A Restorative Activism Learning Community (a Google group) has been formed as a way to share information and support. Posts must have some relevance to the principles and/or practice of a restorative and nonviolent approach to activism and social change. If you're interested in being a part of this online community please feel free to drop me a line at Please include some information about your interest in a restorative activism and why you want to be a part of the group. Thanks.

Learning from the Disaster in the Gulf

Did you hope that the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico would provide the kind of final wake-up call needed to move individual, community, and national priorities toward fundamental change, toward a more life-affirming and sustainable way of life? It’s a reasonable enough desire and yet it seems that it isn't working out that way.

Curiosity & Transcendence

What happens psychologically when conflict occurs?

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